Fighting Pancreatic Cancer: That is The Mission

Bringing people, organizations, advocates and medical research together in synergistic concert to fight this dreadful disease. Harnessing the most formidable team to deliver the most impact at the most rapid pace possible. Funding advanced scientific and medical research focused on early detection, extending quality of life, and an eventual cure. Creating awareness, knowledge, and motivating vigil self-advocacy.

100% Allocation of Net Proceeds To The Mission

There is zero staff compensation. Volunteers are unpaid. There is no brick and mortar overhead. The driving force of officers, volunteers, and organization support is the will to defeat pancreatic cancer and one day eliminate the tears and pain. All in the memory of Seena Magowitz and the loved ones that lost the battle.

We accept that challenge.

The Seena Magowitz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
The Federal Tax ID Number is 20-4751072

Please Help. Give Hope. Make A Difference

If not me, then who?

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