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Pancreatic cancer. The worst survival rate of all cancers. On average only 1 out of 10 patients will be alive in 5-years. 40% will not live 6 months. 75% will die within a year. Those are dismal odds of survival. Pancreatic cancer has passed female breast cancer to become the 3rd highest cancer-killer. Few people realize that the average 5-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer is but 9.3% versus 89.9% for female breast cancer and 94% of prostate cancer. When you join the fight we can create a more rapid innovative treatments via enhanced funding for medical research. Together, we can improve pancreatic cancer survival. Invest in research. No matter how little. Together we can help
patients reach one more anniversary. One more birthday. See a child marry. Enjoy a new grand child. We can do this!

Stan Vitikas

Goal: $18,000
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Pancreatic Cancer Patient Story
Steve Mielke

Goal: $8,000
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Denise Sherman

Goal: $8,000
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Note: We have philanthropists that will match varying levels of donation when goals are reached. The following campaigns are sponsored by patients, advocates, ambassadors, and businesses. The Seena Magowitz Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent regulated by law. Its Federal Tax ID is 20-4751072. The entire foundation staff are unpaid volunteers. Zero salaries and Zero brick and mortar overhead all net proceeds benefit medical research and awareness programs.

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