Michael Bonagura

Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura

Baillie & The Boys Biggest Hits include “(Wish I Had A) Heart Of Stone”, “Fool Such As I”, “Long Shot”, “She Deserves You”, “I Can’t Turn The Tide”, “Wilder Days”, “Oh Heart”, “Treat Me Like A Stranger”, “He’s Letting Go”, “Perfect”, “Read Between The Lines”, “There’s No Stopping Your Heart”, “I Never Knew Lonely” w/Vince Gill, “Some Kind Of Love”, “The God’s Honest Truth”, “Lovin’ Every Minute”, “The Road That Led Me You”, “The Lights Of Home”, ” The Moment”, “Love’s Funny That Way”, “One Thing”, “The Moment”, “Safe In The Arms Of Love”, “Both Sides Now”, “Old Glass Case” w/Paulette Carlson & Alyssa Bonagura, “All Fall Down” w/Tony Kerr”, “Gone Away” w/Jim Photoglo and many more!!!

Throughout 2015, Baillie & The Boys original members, Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura, along with Tim Buppert on drums/bgv and Jack Sundrud (longtime member of the legendary country-rock band Poco) on bass guitar/bgv, will be celebrating their 25th anniversary of signing with RCA Records, writing and recording a dozen of their own Billboard hit songs, as well as, numerous hits for other artists. Since then they’ve continued to write, record and perform their own critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated acoustic roots music. They’re currently in the studio recording a retrospective showcasing their unbelievable body of work and just completed a new Christmas CD. Kathie’ breathtaking voice and live performance, backed by the pristine harmonies and guitar virtuosity of Michael, continue to fill venues and thrill audiences in intimate theaters, concert halls, PAC’s and listening rooms.

Baillie & The Boy’s recently signed with ‘Live On Stage’ which will bring them to 50+ markets throughout the coming year. They would love to see their dear friends and fans on the road!!!

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