Announcing the 17th Annual Seena Magowitz Golf Classic to be held November 1-3, 2019 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona –April 25, 2019– The Seena Magowitz Foundation is proud to announce that its major annual fundraising event is returning to its inaugural home at the historical Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, Arizona where its mission initially began 16 years ago. From its fledgling beginning in 2002, the Annual SMF Golf Classic has raised more than $12 million to seed several successful initial phase studies that in turn have helped generate over $125 million to fund various clinical trials that have resulted in extended quality of life treatments of pancreatic cancer patients. The Foundation continues its pursuit of early detection that will eventually lead to a cure of pancreatic cancer, the most brutal of tumor-type cancers.

We Will Be Honoring Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, M.D.

Daniel Von Hoff, M.D. has dedicated his medical life towards discovering a cure of cancer. Many of his colleagues consider Dr. Von Hoff one of the world’s foremost oncologist, medical researcher, and cancer scientist. He is especially renowned for his pancreatic cancer research and involvement in the development of many revolutionary drugs that have extended quality of life for countless pancreatic cancer patients. He has been an instrumental architect or a participant in hundreds of clinical trials. He has won countless distinguished awards and recognized for so many accomplishments. It will be our pleasure to honor Dr. Von Hoff as he continues his mission of defeating pancreatic cancer, the most brutal of cancers.

Progress, But Still A Long Way To Go

Over the last several years major strides have taken place against pancreatic cancer that gives magnified hope against this most dreadful of cancers. Although the average five-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients has been improving over the decades, it still claims the worst survival rate of all cancers. Over the last two decades, the average 5-year survival rate has increased three-fold from about 3% to 9.3% and over the last decade the rate has doubled from about 4.5% to 9.3%

Pancreatic Cancer Statistical Facts: National Cancer Institute

Although the average life span has been measurably increased, pancreatic cancer has now surpassed breast cancer to become the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in the America and trails only lung cancer and colorectal cancers.

All cancers are seriously devastating. But to bring startling perspective comparison of survival rate advancement consider the following statistics by the National Cancer Institute in 2019: The average 5-year survival of female breast cancer is 89.9% versus pancreatic cancer at 9.3%.

The significant increase of patient survival rate survival of breast cancer is primarily due to its easy methods of early detection and the overwhelming billions of dollars spent on breast cancer research versus pancreatic cancer research.

While the progress against pancreatic cancer has been modestly exciting as of late, medical and scientific researchers remain unsatisfied. Many clinical studies are waiting to be launched. It takes much greater funding to drive a more rapid pace of medical and scientific insight.

The Role of Clinical Research In The Final Assault Against Pancreatic Cancer

All supporters of pancreatic cancer research can make a distinct difference. Together, we can create a synergy of magnified impact. It’s about a collaboration of institutions where the most brilliant medical and scientific minds can achieve by helping each other.

An easy method of early detection is a priority. World-renowned researchers are working right now to develop a means of early detection for pancreatic cancer and hope to have it widely available within five years.

The pancreatic research arena is very collaborative. It doesn’t matter which institutions contribute to clinical trial advancement of life-saving treatments or methods to early detection because it is the collective of shared knowledge that will make future advancements happen with enhanced speed.

Precision medicine with its unique personalized treatments is significantly encouraging. And the promise of immunotherapy will no doubt lead to quantum leaps forward. Harnessing the power of the body’s own immune system crucial key to future successful treatments and the eradication of pancreatic cancer.

It takes an entire scientific medical research industry working together to eventually deal the “final death blow to pancreatic cancer.” Of course, that will take many, many years and likely multiple decades. But what a proud moment it will be for researchers, sponsors, advocates, and patients when that ultimate mission is achieved.

The real heroes will be those Valiant Warriors who lost the battle to this dreaded disease but deserve the credit for so brightly lighting the path along the journey.

The Seena Magowitz Foundation Accepts The Challenge

Facing the deadliest of all cancers head-on and helping accelerate advancement against pancreatic cancer research. Our goal is harnessing the most formidable team that delivers the most impact at the most rapid pace possible. Compassionate advocates who unite to fund the brightest minds in medical science and to provide the power of public knowledge that inspires those at the highest risk to become more diligent self-advocates of their own health.

According to Roger Magowitz, founder of The Seena Magowitz Foundation in memory of his mother, Seena, “The eradication of pancreatic cancer takes a complete collaborative effort that will unite global experts to discover new therapies and unique approaches.”

We invite the media to request interviews with some of the most renowned medical researchers in the industry. Help us create awareness of pancreatic cancer.

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