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Pancreatic cancer is a devastating diagnosis. Over 44,000 Americans will get the dreaded news every year and over 39,000 will die. It has the worst survival rate than any other tumor-type cancer. The average patient will not live to his or her next birthday.

The Mattress Firm Family is working hard to change that.

After diagnosis the feeling is hopelessness. Over a period of 40 years the 5-year survival rate has only improved from 3% to 6% compared to breast cancer which now has a 95% 5-year survival rate.

At The Mattress Firm Foundation, our mission is pouring much needed funds to clinical trials at TGen who has a proven track record of extending quality life that will one day result in a cure.

By coming together and combining our resources, our industry has had – and will continue to have – a hugely important impact on the efforts underway by the unwavering staff at TGen. I have great respect for their focus on finding a cure for this disease and the development of early diagnostics tools, which is the key to improving and extending a patient’s quality of life.

Knowing that our support is helping to fund medical breakthroughs drives my belief in what the Seena Magowitz Foundation is doing, and the medical community recognizes it, too.

I am proud to join Roger and Dr. Von Hoff in the battle against this dreadful disease.

~ Steve Stagner, CEO Mattress Firm

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