In Perpetual Remembrance

My Father

In Perpetual Remembrance. Share your thoughts.
Share them often. Keep their memory alive.

When a cure of pancreatic cancer is discovered, it will be the most glorious gift to those Warriors that lost the battle. For it is they that will have lit the path of medical science. Their memory and our love will always be with them as theirs will always be with us.

“Do Not Grieve For Me
For I Will Cherish Your Love Forever.
Envision Yesterday. I Am Still With You.
Remember Always That Beauty is Embedded.
It Was Alright To Have Let me Go.
Keep Me Always in Your Heart.
You will Forever Be In Mine”

A complimentary service of Seena Magowitz Foundation. Small donations are appreciated. Write your loved-one’s name a dollar bill. As many as you like. Send them to us and we will place them in permanent circulation to keep their memory alive in all corners of the country. And who knows, it may one day return to you. What a great feeling that would be.


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