Howard Young Spreads Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer

Howard Young Spreads Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer

Written By Tony Subia
July 17, 2017

Throwing the Ceremonial First Pitch of a major league baseball game has to be a thrill of a lifetime. In the case of Howard Young, the thrill is magnified. Almost fifteen years ago at the young age of 42 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the deadliest, most brutal of all cancers. Initially given just months to live in 2002, the diagnosis was likely a death sentence. He wasn’t even supposed to be alive today yet alone throwing out the Ceremonial First Pitch of the August 26, 2017 Boston Red Sox home game at historic Fenway Park almost 15 years later.

Howard was blessed with the will, courage, and hope to fight the upcoming battle. Encouragement from his wife Becky enlightened him on many darkened days. Combined with the unrelenting passion of watching his daughters grow into young ladies and ultimately walking them down the aisle of marriage strengthened his spirit to continue fighting the life and death battle that he faced ahead.

“What a privilege to be given this honor” said Howard Young.” “It means so much to able to inspire others to never give up hope. To be gifted with extended quality of life. To be further blessed with treasured moments like anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. I give sincere thanks to Karl Glassman and Leggett & Platt for sponsoring this moment of a lifetime. And special appreciation of the Seena Magowitz Foundation for all it does to support pancreatic cancer research.”

This special event was part of the 15th Annual Seena Magowitz Golf Classic held August 26-28, 2017 in Boston. As Howard steped toward the pitching mound he felt the aura of baseball legends of the past. He was awed being watched by tens of thousands of fans. And he felt especially energized by the loud standing ovation by his Golf Classic peers watching the game from the Backyard BBQ terraces as he prepared to make the pitch.

Howard’s Ceremonial First Pitch is all about spreading awareness of pancreatic cancer which claims the worst survival rate among all cancers when 75% of those diagnosed will die within a year. The First Pitch intends to bring attention of the crucial importance of being vigilant. To be aware of symptoms and risk factors. Why and when it is time to become assertive with your doctors.

Howard Young is an Atlanta resident and business-owner. He is considered a medical marvel of ground-breaking medical research that has led to more innovative treatments to extend and saves lives. Advancements that are set to revolutionize the future of pancreatic cancer treatments that will help patients overcome insurmountable odds. Odds that currently only see a five-year average survival rate of just 2.6% after the cancer has spread to distant organs beyond the pancreas.

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